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  • Fighting cancer and being a survivor

I feel like this talk speaks for itself. Every cancer survivor has their own story of struggle and triumph, here is mine. I have spoken at several events organized by the American Cancer Society, including the annual radiothon held at Frederick Memorial Hospital in MD each year.


  • Living disabled and loving it

After being overdosed with radiation, I became physically disabled and my doctors gave up on me, telling me that I would be dead within weeks. Instead of listening to them, I fought for my life and slowly overcame my disabilities through therapy, sports, and having a positve attitude. Being disabled is who I am and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. My hope is to help others see that having disabilities should never hold you back from being successful in life. I have spoken to several disability groups and even to kids explaining to them what being disabled is like.


All of my life, I have felt like I should share my story, my struggles,  how I overcame the odds, and how God has never abandoned me throughout it all. Here's a list of speeches/testimonies I do:




  • Finding joy through forgiveness

This talk goes a little more into my fight with cancer and becoming disabled as a result of being overdosed with radiation by my doctor. For a long time, I carried around this anger towards him, turning me into a negative person who always was mad at the world. My faith helped me to see how truly blessed I am and to realize that once I forgave, I would be able to be happy and live again.

A blog I wrote with the help of my friend Carolyn  


  • Trusting in God during times of adversity

This is the story of my childhood, surviving cancer, and becoming physically disabled. This testimony talks about a very difficult time in my life, in which I had to face many challenges and how I found my strength in God by placing my trust in Him. Some of my past speaking engagements include Mount 2000, The John Carroll School, Maryland Catholic Women's Conference, and other retreats

A video of the talk, recorded by my friend Celeste from Mount 2000:

A blog my friend Carolyn and I wrote:

Another blog written by Patti Murphy Dohn based on my talk at John Carroll School in Bel Air, MD: