• Published author of autobiography Game Changer
  • Motivational/inspirational speaker
  • Loves dogs
  • Graduate of Mount St. Mary's University with B.A. in Communications
  • Writer
  • Avid swimmer
  • Sports enthusiast
  • Advocate for the Paralympics/all who are disabled
  • Loves helping others
  • Here is an article about me in Carroll Magazine http://carrollmagazine.com/beth-puleo-the-unique-life-of-one-benefits-many/


No one's life is easy but that is what's so beautiful about life. Everyone experiences their moments of despair and times where you just want to lay down and give up or scream out to God "why?!" but those moments are what makes us stronger.

Throughout my life I've experienced many ups and downs but have been blessed to be surrounded by positive and supportive people and to have a strong faith that has always kept me hopeful and determined. During my childhood I was diagnosed with brain cancer, overdosed with radiation, became physically disabled as a result of the radiation, was told by my doctors i would die at age 8, watched my dad slowly die of ALS (Lou Gerhig's disease), and went on to prove everyone wrong by fighting for my life, trusting God, and overcoming the odds by realizing my abilities, not my disabilities. 

BETH PULEO Motivate. Inspire. Transform lives.